Two Great Comedians Who Play the Banjo and Love Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass is a modified version of several varieties of music. Music from people such as the Scottish, English, and Africans as they migrated from their homelands to America began to mix their individual forms of music to develop what is now known as Bluegrass. The banjo, which is the prominent instrument used in playing bluegrass, in its first form was developed by slaves. It is not known how or when, but later the banjo was modified and redesigned to the instrument we see today.

Not only are they well known for their ability to keep us laughing, interested and ready for anything with their name appearing on or in it, they are also some of the best and most well known when playing or reminiscing about the past with Bluegrass music. Celebrities who love Bluegrass seem to bring out the best in some of us.

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For instance, some are comedians who simply make you want to die laughing. Names such as Jerry Van dyke and Steve Martin are those synonymous with comedy. They can make looking silly not only funny, but also we beg for more. The two names have been featured throughout the years on everything from their own sitcoms, the big screen and talk shows galore. They are two of America’s greats in comedy, banjo and Bluegrass.

Jerry Van Dyke

You remember him of course! He is the well-known brother of Dick Van Dyke. Jerry came into his own later in life. He did not make it big from the onset, but began to flow into our homes while playing himself, the brother of Dick Van Dyke on The Dick Van Dyke Show. He played dick Petrie brother "Stacey Petrie." Jerry, during one of his most memorable episodes, had an issue of incredible shyness. On the episode, he played a banjo. When sleeping, Jerry would be the most comical, interesting and talented banjo player ever. On the other hand, when not sleeping, Jerry would portray a half-witted, inept and untalented individual. For one of the most memorable episodes, look here:

Steve Martin

Does banjo-playing flow in the comedic gene? Well whatever the reason, the banjo is also a major love of comedian Steve Martin. While he is one of the most well versed and celebrated comedians of all time, he also has a command for playing the banjo. His talent is low keyed, but unquestioned. Bluegrass is one of Steve Martin’s favorite genre’s of music. He states that playing the banjo is a passion and helps him relieve the stress of being a ‘star’. Steve has appeared a number of times on air with David Letterman. He played his banjo while on air. In one of his more memorable scenes, the great Earl Scruggs along with three other celebrities accompanied Steve. This episode was one that will go down in history for David: Not only does he play an impressing banjo, he has a new album out entitled ‘The Crow’. Steve calls the banjo an “American Instrument.” He contributes his love for the instrument to it capturing something about the past for all Americans. Early in his career, Steve paralleled some of his comedic routines with his love for the banjo. He felt it an honor to be accompanied by the great Earl Scruggs when on air.